About mid size blog

These blog is intended to be a collection of Frontend development resources helpful for junior developer on their way to become middle Frontend developer.

With a background in design and carrier changed from designer to developer, i don't have the solid basic of computer science student nor i have the experience of passionated technology enthusiast which start to dig into the coding world since the age of 15.
I'm self-taught, like many others out there and i teach programming to my self in all possible ways: tutorials, workshops, books, video lessons, pet projects, hackatons and so on.

Doing so, i notice is very easy to start to learn something; the web is ful of tutorials on how to start with Javascript or whatsoever.
Cool! As beginner you have a lot of on your plate!
After little time you are in the field, you start to follow the "big names" (the most expert developers out there), you read more advanced blog articles and show up at the advanced FE meetup in town.
And here we go, many opportunitiesto learn advanced stuff as well.

But then you realise you don't fully understand what they are talking about, in a way is like you are miss a step, the middle step.

Is pretty hard to find resource out there to address this middle step and therefore many developers feel lost when it comes to go further.
Talking with many others in this same situation, has emerged that the difficulty of this step is mostly because it required personal opinions.
This is the moment when you stop programming in the way someone told you to do and you start to do it in your own way.
But to build your own way you need to be well informed and confident.
And this happen just when you know what you are doing!

This blog it show the path i decided to take, in order to be well informed and confident.
I belive here there are some of the key concept of Frontend Development.
If a developer don't take the time to fully understand them, he/she will maybe even able to build complex application but he/she will never be able to fully control the code.